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My name is Lily Chrones and I use they/them pronouns. I am producer, actor, deviser, theatre artist, activist, stylist and makeup artist in Boston as well as a proud queer transgender non-binary person. I was so tired of seeing my community not only underrepresented but misrepresented with most narratives playing to overdone tragedy tropes and created Euphoria Theatre Company in response.

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My Story

I strive to make art that challenges gender norms and actively engages my audiences, leading them to consider their own identities in a new way. Gender education is at the heart of everything I do and I have a unique perspective on the world being a queer, transgender, non-binary individual. There is so much art that centers around queer tragedy and I strive to create work that highlights queer joy and resiliance. Using my extensive training in theatre arts as well as my passion for gender education, I seek to abolish the binary and create new ways of storytelling that encompass and highlight fluid identities, ideally sparking critical conversations that lead to action.

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