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About Us

Euphoria Theatre Company aims to uplift the LGBTQIA+ community by putting intersectionality

at the forefront.

Through cultivating and implementing non-hierarchical theatre practice, ETC resists androcentric theatre through reformation. 


Founder Lily Chrones (they/them) was tired of seeing their community not only underrepresented but misrepresented with most narratives playing to overdone tragedy tropes and in response, created Euphoria Theatre Company. 


ETC is dedicated to reimagining the theatre that erased the LGBTQIA+ community from historiography by producing and creating innovative works that highlight queer, transgender, BIPOC joy and resilience.

In addition to a theatrical production season, ETC will build community and youth theatre programs as well as host educational workshops through non-hierarchical collaboration as they strive to be a driving force in the Boston community.


ETC leads actionable change by dismantling harmful systems of patriarchal, white supremacist oppression to continue the work of those who came before them. 


ETC is committed to empowering individual artists, promoting queer storytelling, and creating bold, game-changing theatre.

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